Zadarska cesta 39a, ZATON 23232 Nin

History and culture

On the area of the village of Zaton the known remnants of life and culture date from the beginning of the Bronze Age, about 4 000 years ago. On the present position the village has gradually developed from the end of the 17th century, after the withdrawal of Turks. Up to recently the village lived from agriculture, cattle raising and fishing trade.

St. Nicholas church

The church is located on a hill-earthen grave in the field between Zaton and Nin. The church is the only preserved example of the Romanesque architecture with the central ground-plan and the cross-ribbed vault from the end of the 11 th and the beginning of the 12 th century.

Remains of St. Andrew`s church

St. Andrew’s church originates from the roman architecture, but it’s not really clear what kind of architecture it is. We can assume that it is a building from the roman harbour or some agricultural-pastoral (villa rustica). St. Andrew’s church is a valuable object of the early Christian period (built in the 6th Ct.) and with various modifications has stayed is the function of the cult until the 16th Ct. when it was loosened.

Tower Kaštelina

Tower Kaštelina was constructed, according to the inbuilt sign on latin language and the emblem above it, by Hanibal Cirysagus in 1593. It is one of the three towers built by the Venetians for the defense of Nin from Turk invasion.

Parish church

The parish church in Zaton is dedicated to the birth of virgin Mary. It was built in 1670, widthten in 1870 and lenghten in a shape of a cross in 1969.

Underwater archaeology

Ship Serilia liburnica is the most important underwater find discovered in the strata of the Roman harbour of Aenona at Zaton. It is from the mid 1st century. Various remains of boat equipment are exhibited in The Museum of Nin collection: pulleys, pegs for making sails tout and remains of leather sails. The bottom of the harbour also contained an abundance of pottery and glass vessels (plates, bowls, cups, jugs), combs, coins, jewellery.