Zadarska cesta 39a, ZATON 23232 Nin

Location and climate

Zaton is located in the center of the Adriatic coast, 2 km south of Nin and 12 km northwest of Zadar.

Good road links, regular domestic and international ferry lines and the vicinity of Zadar airport allow you fast and comfortable arrival.

Zaton has a Mediterranean climate, characterised by mild winters and long, warm summers. In winter the temperature only sometimes descends under O°C. Average air temperature during the year is 15°C , average air temperature during the warmest summer month of July is 24°C and in the coldest month of January 12°C. Average number of yearly sunny hours is about 2500.

The winds: north-eastern wind called Bura, a south wind called Jugo and a landward breeze called Maestral. Bura blows mostly in winter, from the land seawards and can suddenly lower the air temperature. Jugo blows from the open sea towards the land and brings clouds and rainy weather. In sunny summer afternoons fresh Maestral gently blows.